Why Blockchain Technology & Cryptocurrency

  • 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm, 1st November, 2018 [Thursday]
  • BCoin.sg, 78 Shenton Way #25-02, 079120 Singapore


*Why Blockchain Technology & Cryptocurrency Trading*

If you ever wanted to learn either the Blockchain Technology that is empowering real world business or Cryptocurrency Trading, this is the event you should not miss.

First, you’ll learn the fundamentals of Blockchain that is the underlying technology of cryptocurrency and also why it is the future of businesses.

You will be added to Private Whatsapp Chat Group with 150+ Entrepreneurs, SMEs & Crypto Traders after the event. Come down to network with Founders, Speakers, Crypto Experts, Blockchain Enthusiasts & Fellow Entrepreneurs at the event.

Pls bring your laptop & mobile phone for Airdrop (Free Tokens/Coins) & Hands-on Exercises.

1 – The Fundamentals
• Blockchain Basics & Data Structures
• Different Data Structure, cryptography & P2P
• Hands-On Exercises

2 – The Technology
• App Vs Dapp
• Technologies (Web 2.0 & Web 3.0)
• Private & Public Blockchains
• Top Blockchain Technologies

3 – Cryptocurrency & Trading Hands-on
• Centralized Vs Decentralized Exchange
• Creating your own wallet
• Trading in Decentralized & Centralized Exchange

4 – Blockchain for Business
• Emergence Of Blockchain Usage in daily life
• Adoption of Blockchain in MNCs
• Business Opportunity as SMEs
• Career Opportunity as Non-Technical & Technical Individual
• Cost & Procedures Of Starting Your Own ICO

5 – Blockchain Companies’ Presentation with Airdrop & Bounty

Shayne Tan, Director of Investor Relations at BCoin
BCoin.sg Exchange – A leading fiat-cryptocurrency exchange headquartered in Singapore that empowers retail and global institutional investors to trade in cryptocurrency  securely and efficiently on web and mobile providing a 24/7 fiat (USD) to crypto gateway with a multi-currency wallet.

Andy Mankiewicz OBE, Founder & CEO of HourVillage

Natalie Doran, Co-founder of HourVillage
The Hourvillage Group is creating a global sharing economy in which anyone, anywhere can add value by giving their most valuable asset- time. Through our P2P time exchange application, Hourvillage, and B2B solution for Corporate Social Responsibility, Timefly, we are incentivising individuals, corporations, non-profits and governments to create sustainable social impact. Hourvillage is developing blockchain capabilities through an MOU partnership with Microsoft.

Andrew Se, CEO of SmartPortfolio
SmartPortfolio – Portfolio Management and Guidance Made Simple
For Ethereum, Bitcoin and over 1500 plus type of cryptocurrencies portfolio, it is easy to monitor and alert, obtain comprehensive info, get smart calculations. Plus other innovative User solutions.

Hyonwoo Shin, CEO Of Morlabs
The Morlabs platform will reduce the underwriting process from weeks to minutes, undercutting the current ecosystem while saving originators, traders and mortgage investors billions in opportunity costs and lost revenue.

Gan Hong, CEO of LogisticsX
LogisticsX’s decentralised platform aims to transform the last mile delivery ecosystem by enforcing global logistics standards using smart contracts to increase traceability, transparency, and reducing friction between all logistics stakeholders and consumers.

Barry Shalley, Co-founder of Reterms
Reterms simplify and streamline the broken back-end processes for capturing and valuing grocery terms using a blockchain inspired shared services’ platform. No silos, no duplicated effort, no manual intervention to compensate for legacy systems, basically a fresh start.

*Event Organizers*
Jack Hua Myo, CEO of AlphaXLab

Gopi Divecha, CEO of Synergy Global Enterprise