The Naked Blockchain Masterclass 1.0 Round 3

  • 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm, 30th August, 2018 [Thursday]
  • BCoin.sg, 78 Shenton Way #25-02, 079120 Singapore


Important Note:

Pls bring your laptop with charger as this workshop is packed with many hands-on that require laptop to carry out exercises. Also charge your handphone (Android or iOS) before coming down as Nexty will distribute Airdrop (Free Tokens) in the Workshop during exercise.

You may be wondering what Naked Blockchain Masterclass is. The Naked Blockchain Masterclass is nothing to do with something that you might be thinking about Naked beach or bar. ?

We are going strip down the Blockchain Naked in terms of Technology, Business & Opportunity so that you can learn why Blockchain is such a buzz in Newspaper, Social Media, TVs & almost everywhere.

Most Blockchain events either do not go into Hands-on practice where you really learn or do not start from the Fundamentals. We believe only seeing & listening is not understanding.

If you are programmer & want to learn how Blockchain Tech Stack is different from traditional Tech Stack in term of Frontend, Backend & DB Structure, this is the event you must come down. We’ll go through which technology from traditional stack represent which technology in Blockchain Stack.

If you want to read more details such as Topics, Blockchain Experts & Organizations involved in the event, feel free to scroll down. If not, Hurry up & Register your seat Fast as previous event tickets gone in 4 Hrs!

The Fundamentals
• What is Blockchain?
• Traditional VS Blockchain DB
• Different Data Structure
• What is cryptography?
• Peer-to-peer Network
• What is inside a Block?
• Hands-On Exercises
• How Cryptocurrency is related to Blockchain
• Type of Blockchain
• What is inside Blockchain Application?

Blockchain Economics
• How blockchain is slowly taking over our daily’s life?
• Business Use Cases of Blockchain
• Which MNCs or Corporate are already in Blockchain
• How much revenue can Blockchain increase for your Business?
• Should you use Blockchain for your Business?

The Technology
• How Web App is different from Dapp
• The Blockchain Technologies
• What is the difference between Web 2.0 & Web 3.0?
• Key differences between Private & Public Blockchain
• The Terminology in Blockchain & ICO World

Blockchain Application Hands-On
• What is MetaMask & Why Decentralized Exchange?
• Creating your own wallet & Installation of Plug-ins
• How to trade in Decentralized Exchange
• How to verify Transactions in Block Explorer in Real Time
• Online Web-based Hyperledger composer application
• Participants Setting up & Configuration
• Asset creation & assign ownership
• Listing in Blockchain System
• Bidding & Closing the asset

Opportunity in Blockchain Space
• Business Opportunity in Blockchain’s Wave
• Career’s Demand in Blockchain Development
• Non-Technical & Technical Path in Blockchain Space
• Top Blockchain Development Skills
• How much Blockchain Developer earn
• How much does it cost to start your own ICO?
• Blockchain Advocacy & Beyond by Crypto Valley Singapore (CVS)

Speakers’ Profile
Jack Hua, Myo [Serial Entrepreneur & ICO Advisor]
Co-founder & CEO of AlphaXLab
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jack-hua/

Rennie Sng [Advocate of AI, IoT, Big Data, BlockChain Finance/Cryptonomics Specialist]
CEO of Crypto Valley Singapore
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rainmanasia/

Ken Zen [ICO Advisor]
CEO of Nexty

Organizing Companies
AlphaXLab is Singapore-based Software Development Company founded in 2017 and provides Web/App Development, UI/UX Design,Training & Blockchain/ICO Development.

BCoin Exchange is primarily a Cryptocurrency Trading Platform that offers both Crypto & Fiat services.

Crypto Valley Singapore (CVS) is a membership based Blockchain foundation to promote blockchain community literacy, more industry and government adoption of the technology.

Nexty is a Fintech ecosystem which helps ecommerce startups to raise funds from the community.It has several competitive advantages:Instant transfer, zero transfer fees & price stabilisation.