Startup Ideation to $100K Pitching Competition

  • 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm, 26th November, 2018 [Monday]
  • Found, 128 Prinsep Street



Either you are just thinking of building your first Startup or looking for funding & incubation with Silicon Valley-based Incubator & Accelerator, you should come down to this event.

Embarking on Startup is not easy especially when it is the 1st time. Startup is very different from working in MNC or any company, which will guide you through A to Z or at least you ask around in the company. Startup information is everywhere but you would find different people saying different things. Some might have ventured a few startups without proper methodology and failed. This also happened to our CEO & Co-founder Of AlphaXLab, Jack who had failed 2 Startups before succeeding this 3rd Startup that generated 0.5 millions in revenue at 1st year & running this 4th Startup now. Come & learn from him about Startup Insights & the INs/OUTs of Startup. Of course, he’ll also share about the upcoming $100K Startup Pitching Challenge!

You will be added to private Whatsapp Chat with 200+ C-level Executives, Entrepreneurs, Startups & SMEs after the event.


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Idea Validation

  • How to validate your idea and see if it is worth pursuing?
  • Important Questions to verify the Pain Points
  • Where to search if there is demand for your idea?
  • What is UVP & why it is important?
  • How to craft the Elevator Pitch?

Get these frequently thought questions answered in the event

  • Why Most Startups failed?
  • What should you do between Idea to Launch?
  • Is Solo Entrepreneur Good for you?
  • How many Co-founders should you find & Where to find them?
  • Important Contracts & Agreement between Co-founders

Funding & Startup Ecosystem

  • How to valuate your idea and how much it is worth?
  • What should be inside Investor Pitch Deck?
  • How much should you raise for your startup?e
  • Singapore Startup Eco-system & Funding (Pre-Seed & Series A/B/C/D/E)

Pitching Competition & Incubation

  • The $100K Pitching Competition Details
  • Requirement of Startup
  • Submission the pitch decks
  • Incubation & Mentoring Details
  • The Investor Network of incubating VC