Latest Government Grants for SME/Startup & Singapore Startup Eco-system

  • 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm, 28th July, 2018 [Saturday]
  • BCoin.sg, 78 Shenton Way #25-02, 079120 Singapore


If you want to know latest Government Grants for SMEs & Startup, you shouldn’t miss this Seminar. We’ll also share Singapore Startup Eco-system, Co-Founder Matching & Funding.

Come down & see which Grants you can tap into for your Business or Startup.

Note: RSVP this only if you can make it as Seats are Limited. Thanks.

*Government Grants for SMEs & Startup*
There are many types of Latest Grants initiated by Government to go Digital & also to support SMEs & Startup for Innovation or Productivity. Some of the Grants are phasing out and some are new. Come down to find out these Grants and see which one you can tap into for your 1st Startup or SMEs. We’ll cover the topics below to get you updated on all the available Grants.
1.Different Type Of Grants
2.Innovation Grants
3.Productivity Grants
4.Old & New Grants
5.Grants for Startup
6.Eligibility & Application Procedures

*Company Incorporation In Singapore*
Though Incorporating Company in Singapore seems easier compared to other country, it require more than your SingPass Account. Choosing the right type of Company is very important to start off your Entrepreneur Journey. Our Guest Speaker, Sai Fun who has been in the finance industry for more than 20 years, will talk about the topics below to get your Company Incorporation Right.
1.Different Type Of Company Registration
2.Requirement & Application Procedures
3.LLP/LP Vs Private Vs Public
4.Tax Exemption for SMEs
5.GST Registration Rules
6.Secretary & Filing Requirement

*Singapore Startup Eco-system, Co-founder Matching & Funding*
Embarking on Startup is not easy especially when it is the 1st time. Startup is very different from working in MNC or any company, which will guide you through A to Z or at least ask around in the company. Startup information is everywhere but you would find different people saying different things. Some might have ventured a few startups without proper methodology and failed. This also happened to our CEO & Co-founder Of AlphaXLab, Jack who had failed 2 Startups before succeeding this 3rd Startup & running 4th Startup now. Come & learn from him about Startup Insights & the INs/OUTs of Startup.
1.Why Most Startups failed?
2.What should you do between Idea to Launch?
3.Is Solo Entrepreneur Good for you?
4.How many Co-founders should you find & Where to find them?
5.Important Contracts & Agreement between Co-founders
6.What is UVP & why is important?
7.Elevator Pitch & Investor Pitch Deck
8.Singapore Startup Eco-system & Funding (Pre-Seed & Series A/B/C/D/E)

Note: RSVP this only if you can make it as Seats are Limited. Thanks.

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Program Outline
07:00 PM to 07:30 PM -> Registration
07:30 PM to 08:00 PM -> Singapore Startup Eco-system, Co-founder Matching & Funding
08:00 PM to 08:15 PM -> Government Grants for SMEs & Startup
08:15 PM to 08:30 PM -> Singapore Company Incorporation
08:30 PM to 09:00 PM -> Networking

7 PM to 9 PM
Tuesday, 28 Aug 2018

78 Shenton Way, #25-02

You May Whatsapp/SMS or Contact Our Program Manager at 9180 5589 during office hours If you have any enquiry about the workshop.