About Us

We #MakeLifeEasy by providing affordable IT solutions to not only Startups but also to SMEs & MNCs. We've been delivering software solution, workshop, training & Startup Mentorship for a few years and we’re very excited to have our 1st oversea Branch open recently!

Who We Are

AlphaXLab is a Startup & SMEs-focused Software Development Firm & Training Provider. Our HQ is currently based in Singapore, and we recently opened up a new Branch in India as we try to improve our services to meet the needs of everyone. We are rapidly growing, and more Branches are expected to be open in different part of Asia in 2019. We provide Traditional IT Solutions as well as Blockchain Development like Smart Contracts or Dapp.

We (A Group of Techies) have started off to help out our friends who need our help from a simple online web to a complex app development and later branched out to Startups, SMEs & even MNC. We make things simple for everyone, especially non-tech professionals to understand the whole development process.

Our Vision

Our vision is to #MakeLifeEasy for Everyone by empowering with Technology Innovations and Solutions for Daily Operations.

Our Mission

We aim to become one-stop digital hub or software solution provider from Individuals to Corporates to digitalize routine tasks and also predictive operations.

Our Journey



AlphaXLab was born to help Individuals [Friends & Friends of Friends] build website & app.



Through Words of Mouth, Started helping Startups & SMEs not only for web/app development but also digital marketing services.



Focus on Startup Mentorship to create more startups in the region and mentored startups from local polytechnics & universities.



Kicked off Blockchain Development Services. More Trainings, Workshops & Events for SMEs, Entrepreneurs & Startups were conducted to build Entrepreneurs & Blockchain Community.



1st Oversea Branch in India was open to serve growing demand from the community. Block On Capital acquired major stake in the company and added more services such as fundraising, incubation & more blockchain Dapp.



Through Block On Group Companies, various international partnerships & government agency collaboration, AlphaXLab is heading to a new height of growth and gearing up to add more value to the community.


We believe our community can be improved faster and better through collaboration with the believers. Let's work together towards providing values to our region!